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Individual Counseling

At Charisma Counseling Service, we recognize that life’s challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming, leaving individuals in need of support, guidance, and healing. Our Individual Christian Counseling service is designed to provide personalized care and spiritual guidance to help individuals navigate through life’s complexities while integrating Christian principles into their therapeutic journey.


What is Individual Christian Counseling?

Individual Christian Counseling is a specialized service that offers a safe and compassionate space for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through the lens of their Christian faith. Our skilled and licensed Christian counselors are committed to addressing a wide range of personal struggles and mental health concerns, offering support grounded in biblical teachings and evidence-based therapeutic techniques.


Expert Counseling:

Janet Jackson is an experienced and empathetic Christian counselor who is dedicated to walking alongside individuals as they navigate their unique life challenges. She possesses a deep understanding of Christian values and principles and integrate them with their professional expertise to offer comprehensive and holistic support. Janet is skilled in addressing various individual issues, including, but not limited to:


  1. Anxiety and Depression: Providing compassionate counseling to individuals struggling with anxiety and depression, using faith-based tools to find hope, peace, and strength in God’s guidance.

  2. Grief and Loss: Offering support and healing to individuals coping with the loss of a loved one, helping them find comfort in their faith and embrace the journey of healing.

  3. Stress Management: Assists individuals in managing stress and its impact on their lives through faith-centered coping strategies and relaxation techniques.

  4. Relationship Issues: Helping individuals navigate through relationship challenges, foster healthy boundaries, and explore ways to build meaningful connections based on Christian values.

  5. Identity and Self-Worth: Providing guidance to individuals seeking to understand their identity in Christ, promoting self-worth and acceptance through biblical truths.

  6. Spiritual Growth and Discernment: Counseling sessions include discussions about spiritual growth, discerning God’s will, and deepening one’s relationship with God.


Our Approach:

At Charisma Counseling Service, we believe in the power of combining faith and therapy to facilitate transformative healing. Our Individual Christian Counseling approach emphasizes the integration of biblical teachings, prayer, and Christian principles with evidence-based therapeutic techniques. This approach allows individuals to explore their concerns in a supportive environment, fostering personal growth, self-awareness, and a deeper connection with their faith.


Confidentiality and Respect:

We understand the importance of trust and confidentiality in the counseling process. Each counseling session is conducted with the utmost respect for individual privacy and the sensitive nature of personal struggles.


Find Strength and Renewed Purpose:

Our goal is to help individuals find strength, resilience, and renewed purpose through faith-centered counseling. We are committed to supporting each person’s unique journey, equipping them with the tools to overcome challenges and experience personal growth, while embracing their Christian beliefs.


Embrace the healing power of faith and professional counseling. Contact Charisma Counseling Service today to embark on a transformative journey of Individual Christian Counseling.